Call me Josephine

A documentary about Josephine Baker who was not only a successful artist but also a spy in the French Resistance, a Civil Rights Activist and mother of 12.

  • Josephine Baker ©

  • Josphine Baker with her children ©

An International celebrity at age 19 and the highest paid female performer in the world, Josephine Baker rose from a poverty-stricken background in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, to become the celebrated darling of Paris. She broke the colour barrier by becoming the first African-American female to star in a major motion picture “Zouzou” and refused to perform if a venue had any racial discrimination policies. During WW II she joined the French Resistance movement and hid Jewish and other refugees in her Château des Milandes. After the war and having been accorded highest civilian honours, Josephine began adopting children and by the time she finished had gathered a dozen, her “rainbow tribe”. When other performers and music later overtook the style she favoured, Josephine fell upon hard times and eventually lost her castle. Princess Grace of Monaco ensured Josephine and the children would have somewhere to live by buying a home for them in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

Filmmaker Mike Reynolds will focus on the personality of this generous artist. All of her surviving “rainbow tribe” have agreed to contribute to this documentary, which will, of course, also show Josephine in performance and end with Château des Milandes, lost at the time, and now becoming Josephine´s museum. Modern-day celebrities who feel strongly about her artistic heritage will round off this first in-depfth profile of a most endearing and complex human being.

Shot in 4K with a running time of 52 and 90 minutes. Worldwide distribution by Poorhouse International. Delivery by autumn 2017.

Production year 2017
Duration 52' and 90' versions
Director Mike Reynolds
Video format 4K