With Immersive Audio you are surrounded by music!

Author: Berlin Phil Media GmbH

Enjoy the sound of the Berliner Philharmoniker in its spatial dimensions for the first time in the Digital Concert Hall: with Immersive Audio.

  • Berliner Philharmoniker | Copyright: © Stephan Rabold

    Berliner Philharmoniker © Stephan Rabold

  • Tonstudio | Copyright: © Stefan Höderath

    Tonstudio © Stefan Höderath

  • Digital Concert Hall | Copyright: © Berlin Phil Media

    Digital Concert Hall © Berlin Phil Media

By reproducing the unique acoustics of the Philharmonie Berlin, you are completely immersed in the music as you listen – almost as if you were in the hall.

The three-dimensional concert experience with Immersive Audio is based on Dolby Atmos. There are now numerous devices that are Dolby Atmos-capable – from headphones to home cinema equipment. Perhaps you already have such a device without knowing it.

Try it out right away: as of now, the last four seasons are available in three-dimensional sound in our on-demand archive. At no additional cost!



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