Encuadre Iberoamericano, New Look Inside Cinema

Author: Dirección General de TV UNAM

Renowned film critics Fernanda Solórzano and Leonardo García Tsao meet monthly to discuss, analyse and expand on Ibero-American film.

  • Encuadre Iberoamericano | Copyright: © TV UNAM

    Encuadre Iberoamericano © TV UNAM

  • Encuadre Iberoamericano TV UNAM | Copyright: © TV UNAM

    Encuadre Iberoamericano TV UNAM © TV UNAM

Encuadre Iberoamericano is a program co-produced by TV UNAM and the Cultural Channel of Mexico (Canal 22) focused of film production with the purpose to contribute to the exchange, distribution and exhibition of Ibero-American film in the region. The program is hosted by renowned film critic and scholar Leonardo García Tsao, and essayist and film critic Fernanda Solórzano, both of whom engage in discussion of the presence of Ibero-American cultural production in international film festivals, the legacy of remarkable film makers of the region and the promotion of new content on theatres and streaming platforms.

Every program is focused on a particular theme, which can vary from festivals, terror film, social movements, and female film makers across Ibero-America. Divided in sections according to the theme of each episode, through Mexican contribution to the theme, Ibero-American production, a section focusing on a regional film maker. Encuadre Iberoamericano premiered on February 7th, 2020 running through the last two years as a hour-long program, and is broadcasted every first Friday of the month at 21:00hrs on TV UNAM. It also retransmissions every following Sunday at 22:00hrs and is available on streaming online.

Original title Encuadre Iberoamericano
Genre Cinema
Production year 2020-2022
Duration 60'
Production Company TV UNAM
Co-Production Company Canal 22
Executive Producer Diana León and Héctor Ramírez Williams
TV Director Sergio Iván Trujillo Bolio
Producer Samantha Durán and Fernanda Rangel
Conductor Fernanda Solórzano y Leonardo García Tsao



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