Distinct Biopics on Encuadre Iberoamericano

Author: Dirección General de TV UNAM

Fernanda Solórzano and Leonardo García Tsao discuss the rarity of biopics in Iberoamerican film, but also their distinct outlook on history.

  • Biopics 3 | Copyright: © TV UNAM

    Biopics 3 © TV UNAM

  • Biopics  | Copyright: © TV UNAM

    Biopics © TV UNAM

The latest broadcast of Encuadre Iberoamericano explores the presence –or lack thereof—biopics in Ibero-American cinema in constrast to biopics‘ position as a staple of Hollywood film. Budget is an issue, but there’s the question of Ibero-American biopic’s trascendence as film, which most film makers have failed to do but for a few exceptions, such as Mexican Felipe Cazals’s historical filmography which includes: Juarez biopic Aquellos años (1973) and Mexican Revolution’s Chicogrande (2010). Films such as Alberto Isaac’s Cuartelazo (1977), Natalia Beristain’s Los adioses (2017) and Paul Leduc‘s Frida, naturaleza viva (1983) are also remarkable examples of Ibero-American biopic where cinematography meets history right.

While there’s a lack of biopic film, García and Solórzano observe TV biopics have become increasingly popular in Ibero-America in celebrity-focused series such as Hasta que te conocí (2016), Luis Miguel (2018), and Mariposa de Barrio (2017). Also, the crime biopic such as Escobar, la traición (2017), Narcos (2015), and El Chapo (2017) has been a success outside Ibero-America. The episode dedicates a section to Spanish filmmaker Fernando León, whose filmography is a repertoire of liberalism often combined with humor and satire in films such as Familia (1996) and Princesas (2005) and closes on the promotion of Ibero-America on the Platino and Cannes festivals.

It was broadcasted by TV UNAM on May 6th both on television and online and is available for streaming.

Genre Cinema
Original title Biopics
Original series title Encuadre Iberoamericano
Production year 2022
Duration 60´
Production Company TV UNAM
Co-Production Company Canal 22
Producer Samantha Durán, Fernanda Rangel and Dulce Arcos
Executive Producer Diana León y Héctor Ramírez Williams
TV Director Iván Trujillo Bolio
Conductor Fernanda Solórzano y Leonardo García Tsao



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