Dance performance on body and memory: R.A.M.

Author: Dirección General de TV UNAM

A staggering dance performance, broadcasted by TV UNAM, that depicts how memories are engraved in our bodies and how they vanish only to appear again.

  • The memories getting drawn. | Copyright: © TV UNAM

    The memories getting drawn. © TV UNAM

  • The memories are now connected by ropes. | Copyright: © TV UNAM

    The memories are now connected by ropes. © TV UNAM

  • The bodies dancing in the sand, erasing memories. | Copyright: © TV UNAM

    The bodies dancing in the sand, erasing memories. © TV UNAM

Watch the original dance performance R. A. M., created by Sarah Matry-Guerre, Rosa Villanueva, MC Lancaster, and Renato González. It was performed in 2023 at the Arts and Science Festival “El Aleph”, organized by Mexico’s top university, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).

The choreography, along with the scenery, the sound, and the lightning design, depict how memories are engraved in one’s body and how the body itself becomes a part of the memories. With their movements, a whiteboard, sand, and ropes, the dancers embody memories coming into our minds, again and again, fragmented yet connected to other memories.

As José Gordon, the curator of “El Aleph” commented by the end of the performance, the drawings that the performers do on the whiteboard and the sand resemble how even when our memories are hurt and vanish, they still remain somewhere in our bodies, as a reminiscence. Only with art can we learn to let those memories free and to discover them again in other forms.

Enjoy this impressive performance with the commentary of the curator included, broadcasted to you by TV UNAM.

Text by Andrea Flores Sánchez.

English title The Aleph 2023, R.A.M.
Original title El Aleph 2023, R.A.M.
Duration 51:23
Production year 2023
Production Company TV UNAM
Producer Diana V. León Montero
TV Director Sergio Iván Trujillo Bolio
Dance style Contemporary dance



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