Special anniversary deals on your registration!

IMZ Members always enjoy special rates. Celebrating 55 years of the IMZ there are now even better deals until the end of the anniversary year!

  • Special anniversary deals on your registration! | Copyright: © IMZ

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A special year for the IMZ calls for special offers for the upcoming largest international trade show for the performing arts media business - Avant Première Music + Media Market Berlin 2017!

Offer 1: Get your registration for 0,- EUR

Bring a new Full or Affiliate IMZ Member and pay 0,- EUR for your registration at Avant Première 2017. Your recruited member enjoys -20% on a registration for Avant Première 2017.

Offer 2: Get your registration at -20%

Bring a new participant to Avant Première 2017 (Festival Pass holder) and pay -20% on your registration.
If you would like to use an anniversary offer, please send us an Email to

By the way:
Early Bird Rates for IMZ Members and non members are still available until 30 November 2016!



Korngold’s ‘Die tote Stadt’ at the Wiener Staatsoper


Willy Decker's highly acclaimed production with Klaus Florian Vogt, Camilla Nylund and Adrian Eröd under the baton of Mikko Franck.

What is Avant Première?

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Our trailer explains it in 3 min!

Golden Age

Bel Air Media

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the great 20th century choreographer, Yuri Grigorovich, The Bolshoi Theatre brings back to life The Golden Age.

A night at Le Concert Spirituel

Bel Air Media

Joseph Haydn, Jean-Chrétien Bach, Marie-Alexandre Guénin, Italian arias by Giuseppe Sarti and Giovanni Paisiello.


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