Documentary “The Radio Orchestra” in pre-production

Author: Accentus Music

Accentus Music prepares to shoot the first comprehensive documentary exploring the generational history of radio orchestras.

  • Radio Orchestra | Copyright: © MDR Radiogeschichten

    Radio Orchestra © MDR Radiogeschichten

The invention of the radio in the early 20th century also marked the beginning of the history of radio orchestras. The oldest orchestra in Germany is today's MDR Symphony Orchestra, founded by musicians from Leipzig in January 1923, followed by the RSO Berlin and the HR Symphony Orchestra. Today, Germany has the most radio orchestras in the world. In France, the tradition continues with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, among others; in Great Britain, the BBC maintains five full-time orchestras, and Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands also have a strong tradition. The NHK Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1926, and the predecessor orchestra of the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra in Vienna was founded in 1945.

In short: the subject of radio orchestras is a global phenomenon, with which exciting stories, great conductors, outstanding soloists, and, above all, contemporary composers are associated. No other orchestras in the world have been committed to premiering new music over such a long period of time. What demands are made on radio orchestras today? How do they cope with increasing pressure to adapt and cut costs?

The 52' documentary "The Radio Orchestra" (WT) is the first comprehensive look at the history of radio orchestras, venturing a glimpse into the future. A film about tradition and innovation, identity, new music, and the radio itself.

A production of Accentus Music in co-operation with MDR
Pre-production: 2021 - Production: 2022 - Delivery: 2023

Production Company Accentus Music GmbH



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