All mighty Mama Djombo

Author: EuroArts Music International

Once star of West Africa’s popular band, Super Mama Djombo, we follow Guinea Bissau singer Malan Mané on his poignant journey.

  • Malan Mané | Copyright: © Oléo Films

    Malan Mané © Oléo Films

  • Mama Djombo | Copyright: © Oléo Films

    Mama Djombo © Oléo Films

Guinea Bissau singer Malan Mané has lived for 30 years in exile in Montreuil, France, as an anonymous immigrant worker. Yet he was once the star of one of West Africa’s finest and most legendary bands, Super Mama Djombo, from Guinea Bissau, a small, beautiful country racked by civil wars and poor governance. Malan suddenly saw his life turn around when he received an invitation to return to his homeland to perform in front of 100,000 people. We follow him on this poignant journey, where he ends up tracing the story of the band’s powerful name, which is intertwined with animist shrines in Bissau’s deep countryside. Back in Europe he goes into the studio to record the splendid album he always dreamed of. The film of an amazing revenge on fate.

Original title Malan Mané - chants dé exil dún Bissau-Guinéen
Genre Documentary
Production year 2022
Production Company Oléo Films & ARTE France
TV Director Philippe Béziat, Sylvain Prudhomme
Duration 59'



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