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Wilkie Branson: Partners for 3D Dance Installation

TOM is a dance installation using cutting edge technology in 3D projection mapping, film, animation and sound design to create an immersive world.

  • TOM ©

TOM is a narrative dance work which takes the form of a three dimensional installation with immersive sound design.
A myriad of cutting edge techniques in film, animation, projection mapping and sound design will be drawn upon to create an immersive and handcrafted choreographic world. Holographic technologies and practices such as photogrammetry (the 3D capture of real physical models) will be used to project animated content into a custom-built theatrical projection space.
The work will be a continuation of Wilkie’s exploration into bboying based narrative manifested in a metaphorical world that presents itself inside the mind of the protagonist. Wilkie will perform in the work alongside a younger version of himself played by his nephew.
Underpinned by universal themes framed through Wilkie’s own personal experiences, the work will question: what do we abandon, lose and hide as we journey into adulthood? What of the loss of innocence and self as these identities are replaced by the fabricated layers of a new character? And where do these parallel identities begin and cease to exist?
In looking at this journey Tom aims to address ideas of what it is to struggle with a false sense of identity and how we might view this changing sense of self.

Wilkie was awarded the dancescreen 2016 Best Film and Best Animation.

TOM is supported by Sadler’s Wells and Hive House Films. The project is looking for financial investors. Please email