Shamans of the Blind Country

One of the most extensive, scientifically founded films about shamanism directed by Michael Oppitz who is known for his intensive fieldwork about shamanism.

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Shamans of the Blind Country is an epic documentary on faith healing in a remote region of North West Nepal. Over a period of eighteen months the film follows the basic traits of a local religious practice, kindred in spirit to the many variations of the great inner-Asian tradition of shamanism characteristic for the Siberian part of Northern Asia and the entire Himalayan region.
Part I pursues the various types of healing rituals enacted by the shamans of the northern Magar of the Dhaulagiri region (in North West Nepal) for the benefi t of their clients. Part II of the film is focussed mainly on the transmission of shamanic knowledge from master to pupil. This is a long process of increasing intensity.
(Cat.No.: 109294)

Including extensive bonus features:

Film extras:
Ritual Journey
A film by Michael Oppitz & Mehdi Sahebi 2013 (25:19 min)
Part I: To the waters of oblivion (13:40 min)
Part II: Into the underworld (11:39 min)

Heli to the Beyond - A bird’s eye view on a shamanic journey
A film by Mehdi Sahebi & Michael Oppitz 2013 (6:57 min)

Maya chanting
A film by Jörg Jeshel nachtaktivfilm 2007 (4:55 min)

The End of a Show – Exhibition on shamanic drums at Ethnographic Museum Zurich
A film by Mehdi Sahebi 2008 (5:20 min)

Three mythical chants by Bal Bahãdur & Bedh Bahãdur on 2 Audio CDs:
Somarani: story of an unhappy alliance between heaven and earth ending in a cataclysm (45 min)
Hargameni: story of the second creation of mankind and death in childbirth (29 min)
Kubiram: story of a neglected child turned into a bird, origin of premature death (45 min)

Genre Documentary
Duration 97 mins (Part I), 126 mins (Part II), 42 mins (Bonus) & 119 mins (CD)
Video format 5 x DVD 9 / NTSC + 2 Audio CDs
Audio format PCM Mono / PCM Stereo (Bonus)
Director Michael Oppitz