Limited edition direct-to-disc box set: Má vlast

Author: Accentus Music

On 4 September, Accentus Music release the direct-to-disc recording of Smetana’s “Má vlast” with the Bamberg Symphony and Jakub Hrusa.

  • ACC40482 front cover envelope | Copyright: © Accentus Music

    ACC40482 front cover envelope © Accentus Music

  • Direct-to-disc recording | Copyright: © Accentus Music

    Direct-to-disc recording © Accentus Music

  • Direct-to-disc recording | Copyright: © Accentus Music

    Direct-to-disc recording © Accentus Music

Smetana’s Czech national epic “Má vlast” (My Country) is a signature piece of the Bamberg Symphony and its principal conductor Jakub Hrůša, both whose lineage and roots are steeped in Bohemian tradition. In July 2019, Accentus Music recorded it in a special “direct-to-disc” process – a technique in which the entire work is recorded live and cut directly into vinyl. The result is a one-time, rare analogue snapshot of the performance with no editing. This direct-to-disc captures the energy and passion of the orchestra’s playing like no other.

It is a daring venture to produce a “direct-to-disc” release: Once recorded, there is no post-production and no option to correct the work. But if the venture is successful then the listener is given a listening experience that cannot be surpassed in authenticity and emotional depth. During this recording, only four microphones were used, and their signal was sent directly to the cutting stylus via an analogue mixing console. This modulated the groove into the original in real time at 45 revolutions per minute, further enhancing the audio quality of this already exceptional recording. The LPs in this box are direct copies of the analog originals, of which 1111 copies are available as a limited edition.

Recorded direct-to-disc at the Bamberg Concert Hall, Joseph Keilberth Saal, 25+26 July 2019

ACC40482 – Available worldwide from 4 September 4 2020.
If you live within the EU, you can order directly from Accentus Music at:

English title of music work My Country
Original title of music work Má vlast
Composer Jakub Hrůša
Orchestra / Band Bamberger Symphoniker
Production Company Accentus Music GmbH



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