Turandot in 4K HDR Bluray

Author: Paramax Films

For the first time, the famous Puccini Turandot Opera will be released in 4K and HDR on a UHB Bluray and you can see colors you never experienced before.

  • Turandot 4K HDR UHD Bluray | Copyright: © Paramax Films

    Turandot 4K HDR UHD Bluray © Paramax Films

As you all know, the HDR revolution is for some of us the same as when Television went from Black and White to colour.

For those of you who had the chance to see your concerts and footage graded on a HDR screen, you saw and experiences colors and luminosity as you never saw before.

Paramax Films filmed the Turandot Opera in Torre del Lago in 4K using the HDR and Rec2020 color grading and propose with Busch Media the release of this Opera on a 4K Bluray disc.

Because the costumes and the set of this Opera were made with so much passion by the Puccini Festival with dedicated people who love Puccini and remarkable artists and awarded musicians, this representation is absolutely stunning.

The only way to experience HDR in 4K is to have a 4K HDR Television set, as well as a 4K Bluray and a special high speed HDMI cable.

This release is so amazing and a premiere that will unleash the possibilities of the upcoming productions using this amazing format.

We released this month the 4K UHD Version, as well as the Bluray and DVD for those who don't have the chance to have the latest technology yet.

English title Turandot at Torre del Lago Puccini



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