Marina Abramović on ARTE Concert

Author: ARTE Deutschland TV

“A Different Way of Hearing“ – A performance experience in cooperation with the Alte Oper Frankfurt.

  • Marina Abramović at the Alte Oper Frankfurt. | Copyright: © Alte Oper Frankfurt, Wonge Bergmann.

    Marina Abramović at the Alte Oper Frankfurt. © Alte Oper Frankfurt, Wonge Bergmann.

  • Marina Abramović. | Copyright: © Dusan Reljin.

    Marina Abramović. © Dusan Reljin.

Marina Abramović, a central figure of performance, is one of the most famous and as well the most relentless stars of the international art scene. She pushes her physical and psychological limits and breaks the boundaries of art.

For the Alte Oper she has developed a large-scale new art project which connects music and the so called Abramović Method to create a new way of hearing – a collective experience for all participants.

In “A Different Way of Hearing: The Abramović Method for music“ the exercises of the method are inseparably linked to the visit of the concert. Everyone who has previously engaged in the exercises can perceive the music on a deeper level in the concluding concert specially conceived for the Alte Oper.

ARTE Concert provides the unique opportunity to perform the practices of the Abramović Method at home and listen to the music as a completely new experience. Find out more about the practices here!

You can find the videos with the practices as well as the concert from the Alte Oper Frankfurt in a slightly shortened form on ARTE Concert.



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