Author: Kurt Brazda

EVOLUTION ON B by director Kurt Brazda and cinematographer Benjamin Epp (aac) will have its international premiere at Montreal World Film Festival 2017.

  • Filmstill EVOLUTION ON B | Copyright: © Kurt Brazda

    Filmstill EVOLUTION ON B © Kurt Brazda

  • Kurt Brazda Olga Neuwirth during shooting  | Copyright: © Kurt Brazda

    Kurt Brazda Olga Neuwirth during shooting © Kurt Brazda

  • Cinematographer Benjamin Epp (aac) during shooting  | Copyright: © Kurt Brazda

    Cinematographer Benjamin Epp (aac) during shooting © Kurt Brazda

EVOLUTION ON B is a cinematic essay about the composer Karl Schiske, who was not only one of the most important Austrian composers of the past century, but also became the most important teacher of young composers after 1945,
The " Klasse Schiske" at the Vienna Music Academy was, as it were, the "big bang" for contemporary music as we know it today and hence determined the new soundscapes.
The film is therefore also a subjective inventory of this scene and its protagonists, who have grown up to develop international reputation
Furthermore, it wants to arouse enthusiasm for those new soundscapes with cinematic means.

Montreal is a city particularily dedicated to music with an audience that is interested in Austrian music tradition and contemporary composers alike. Moreover, the city hosts a number of renowned music universities in which also Austrian lecturers teach. Hence, the announcement that EVOLUTION ON B will be shown during the Montreal World Film Festival has already generated distinct interest among music students and residents of Montreal.

Previously the film has been honoured by IMPACT-DOC with the Award of Merit for the unusual cinematic approach to its theme and subject.



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