DVD + Blu-Ray:
Beethoven Project - A Ballet by John Neumeier

Author: C Major Entertainment

“A choreographic poem inspired by Beethoven’s music, and perhaps by Beethoven himself.” John Neumeier

  • Beethoven Project - A Ballet by John Neumeier | Copyright: © Unitel / C Major Entertainment

    Beethoven Project - A Ballet by John Neumeier © Unitel / C Major Entertainment

  • Beethoven Project - A Ballet by John Neumeier | Copyright: © Kiran West

    Beethoven Project - A Ballet by John Neumeier © Kiran West

  • Beethoven Project - A Ballet by John Neumeier | Copyright: © Kiran West

    Beethoven Project - A Ballet by John Neumeier © Kiran West

Hamburg Ballett Director and Choreographer John Neumeier has created a ballet on the music of Ludwig van Beethoven: “For many years I have thought about realizing a larger project with Ludwig van Beethoven’s great music which has touched me deeply many times. Looking ahead to the upcoming season, I had the feeling that the time was ready. The great Beethoven jubilee in 2020 is an additional incentive for this”.

The “Beethoven Project” combines elements of story ballet and symphonic ballet. The first part of the evening, “Beethoven fragments”, is rather autobiographically inspired, the second part “Eroica” follows a more free dramaturgy, and ranges from solo dance to ensemble performance to great classical ballet scenes. Aleix Martínez – “a force of nature” (tanz) dances the leading role as Beethoven at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden.

In addition one can experience Edvin Revazov as Beethoven’s ideal, Anna Laudere as Beethoven’s “distant beloved” or Patricia Friza as Beethoven’s mother. The masterful musical accompaniment of the chamber music is essentially performed by Michał Białk, who is integrated into the choreography as a pianist. The orchestra part is performed by the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie under the confident baton of Simon Hewett. The dancers are phenomenal, a fantastic ensemble performance that can only succeed if a company dances at such a high level as the Hamburg Ballett. The audience celebrated the artists and the latest creation of its chief choreographer with standing ovations and enthusiastic cheers.

Original title Beethoven Project - A Ballet by John Neumeier
Genre Ballet
Recording location Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, October 2019
Duration 134 mins
Production Company A production of Unitel and SWR in cooperation with Festspielhaus Baden-Baden
Composer Ludwig van Beethoven
Orchestra / Band Deutsche Radio Philharmonie / Michał Białk, piano
Conductor Simon Hewett
Stage Director John Neumeier
Light Design John Neumeier
Choreography by John Neumeier
Dance Company Hamburg Ballett
Costumes John Neumeier
Soloist Aleix Martínez, Edvin Revazov, Anna Lauderer, Patricia Friza, Borja Bermudez



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