Marc Quinn

Author: Arthaus Musik

A spectacular insight into the world of one of the most stunning contemporary artists.

  • 109403 Cover | Copyright: © Arthaus Musik

    109403 Cover © Arthaus Musik

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    109403 Blu-ray Back © Arthaus Musik

  • Marc Quinn  | Copyright: © Arthaus Musik (C) Gerald Fox

    Marc Quinn © Arthaus Musik (C) Gerald Fox

In 1991 the young artist Marc Quinn shot to fame with a sculpture of his head made from his own frozen blood. Since then he’s created a large array of works in which he’s transformed his body, both as a whole and in parts, into sculptures fashioned from a wide variety of materials including wax, lead, rubber, ice, glass and faeces or bread. The first movie collection is now released on a very special Blu-ray edition.

Making Waves, a cinema feature film, takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride of Quinn’s hectic life as he travels from openings and exhibitions of his work to studios and workshops where he conceives and creates his work. The viewer becomes a fly-on-the-wall as he unveils his giant bronze seashells in New York, his bonsai sculptures in Hong Kong and Istanbul and at a retrospective in Venice where the notorious ‘Self’ is exhibited to a delighted audience.

A mesmeric, stylised film with an original soundtrack by Massive Attack taking the viewer on a dreamlike journey into the artistic subconscious of the artist Marc Quinn. The film explores his marble portraits of limbless people including the famous Alison Lapper and abstract works using flowers frozen in time in silicone. Featuring guest appearances by Elton John, Kim Kardashian, Lionel Richie, Daniel Craig, Kanye West, Ai Wei Wei and Heike Makatsch.

A short film by Franca Cereghini and Gerald Fox giving a deep and extraordinary insight into the creative process of one of Quinn's works.

Worldwide Release on 16 April 2021
Cat. No.: 109403 (Blu-ray)

Genre Documentary
Director Gerald Fox
Video format Blu-ray Disc / High Resolution 1080i
Audio format PCM Stereo
Duration 145 mins
Main Actor Marc Quinn



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