Who has stolen the Boléro by Maurice Ravel

Author: Poorhouse International

Having been played somewhere in the world every 15 minutes Ravel´s music meant big business, but where did all the money go? An investigative documentary.

  • Ravel inheritance court case | Copyright: © Poorhouse International

    Ravel inheritance court case © Poorhouse International

  • Ravel's brother and house | Copyright: © Poorhouse International

    Ravel's brother and house © Poorhouse International

  • Ravel at the piano | Copyright: © Poorhouse International

    Ravel at the piano © Poorhouse International

Who has stolen the Boléro by Maurice Ravel?
Ravel´s Boléro only came out of copyright on May 1st, 2016. Until then it made its composer and heirs millions. Ravel left everything to his brother Edouard who, after losing his wife due to a car crash, hired Jeanne Taverne as a nurse and took on her husband as driver. When Edouard passed away the Tavernes inherited everything and begun to play tax games while hiding their rights in offshore companies.

Filmmaker Fabien Caux-Lahalle underpins this fascinating story with clips of the Boléro in various guises from Benny Goodman´s big band version to a DJ remix, from Frank Zappa to Ruth Page´s ballet, from a foxtrot to a Mexican polka. Contributors include rare footage with Alexandre Taverne, Arthur Rubinstein, Manuel Rosenthal, Claude Lelouche, who paid over the odds to use the music in his film Les uns et les autres, Jack Lang, Senator Alain Richard and Maître André Schmidt, well known to most of us as he oversees the Prokofiev inheritance in France.

Poorhouse International is very happy to distribute this investigative story about one of the world´s most popular pieces of classical music which, it turns out, was inspired by pianist Arthur Rubinstein.

Original title Qui a volé le Boléro de Ravel ?
Production year 2017
Production Company 18eme District
Director Fabien Caux-Lahalle



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