Introducing Content.Agent at Venice Production Bridge

Author: IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Enabling Digital Content Trade: Content.Agent and IMZ at the Venice Production Bridge.

  • Introducing Content.Agent at Venice Production Bridge | Copyright: © Content.Agent

    © Content.Agent

  • Introducing Content.Agent at Venice Production Bridge | Copyright: © IMZ

    © IMZ

  • Introducing Content.Agent at Venice Production Bridge | Copyright: © IMZ

    © IMZ

Venice Production Bridge
3-4 September 2023
Venice, Italy

Content.Agent together with the IMZ are proud to have showcased the market-platform-tool, "Content.Agent," at the Venice Production Bridge's respected "Meet the Streamers" event. This innovative platform allows European and International VOD/SVOD platforms and companies to connect with accredited international buyers, distributors, rights holders, and AV professionals, to easily search, find, negotiate + acquire film licenses from around the world. Content.Agent protects your intellectual property in a data-secure environment for distribution, licensing and easy search-and-find servicing on this market-platform.

As part of the Venice Production Bridge's commitment to fostering global audio-visual projects, "Meet the Streamers" provided a dedicated space for key SVOD/VOD platforms. Around ten selected European and international streaming platforms participated, focusing on international co-productions and collaborations between platforms and independent producers. Professionals were able to request personalised One-on-One meetings with Content.Agent, where the companies speaker Thierry Bauchard and Katharina Jeschke answered all the question.

Content.Agent also participated in a lively panel discussion at the event "How streamers are collaborating together". There, speakers of four different streaming platforms discussed the intricacies of collaboration between content providers and content owners, whilst offering content to wider audiences.

Content.Agent wants to specially thank Pascal Diot and his team for the rich and blessing experience of the Venice Production Bridge. We are looking forward to next year's edition, as we still thrive on the experience we had and the people we met this year.



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