Three prizes for “Einstein on the Beach”

"Einstein on the Beach" has received three prizes : “Diapason d’or”, “Choc Classica” and the "Critic's Prize" for the best audiovisual broadcast.

  • Einstein on the Beach (DVD & BR) | Copyright: © Opus Arte

    Einstein on the Beach (DVD & BR) © Opus Arte

The cult opera work by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson was distributed by Telmondis and filmed at the Théâtre Musical de Paris-Châtelet in 2014.
It was released on DVD by Opus ARTE and received three prizes : “Diapason d’or”, “Choc Classica” and the "Critic's Prize" for the best audiovisual broadcast.

Original title Einstein on the Beach
Genre Opera
Recording location Théâtre Musical de Paris-Châtelet
Recording date January 2014
Production year 2014
Duration 270'
Video format HD
Production Company Telmondis
Co-Production Company Théâtre Musical de Paris-Châtelet, France Télévisions, Mezzo
Producer Antoine Perset
Producer Denis Morlière
Director Don Kent
Sets Robert Wilson
Light Design Robert Wilson
Distribution TV Telmondis Distribution
Distribution DVD Opus Arte
Composer Philip Glass
Orchestra / Band The Philip Glass Ensemble
Stage Director Robert Wilson
Choreography by Lucinda Childs
Dance Company The Lucinda Childs Dance Company
Soloist Helga Davis
Soloist Kate Moran
Soloist Antoine Silverman



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