Three by Rocio Molina

Author: Poorhouse International

Three pieces by the legendary Flamenco dancer Rocío Molina filmed in 4K at the National Theatre of Catalunya.

  • Rocío Molina | Copyright: © Óscar Romero

    Rocío Molina © Óscar Romero

Poorhouse International is proud to present Rétroviseur Productions latest Flamenco recordings for television
Rocío Molina is arguably the most important Flamenco dancer since the legendary Carmen Amaya. She has invented her own artistic language based on a re-working of the traditional Flamenco style, respecting its essence but taking it further towards the avant garde. Her choreography creates stunning scenic events, her interplay with the guitarists and the control of her body is unique. Her inspiration is drawn from a wide range of culture, from cinema to literature as well as from philosophy and painting. Borrowing also from contemporary dance she presents the beautiful and the terrible that we are confronted with in our daily lives and does not shy away from completely exhausting herself on stage.
When director Emilio Bellmonte asked her during a meeting at Nîmes why she had never allowed her successful Trilogy to be filmed, she looked him straight in the eye and countered: “Emilio, do you think this could be good for anything”? Emilio was perplexed and then replied: “Rocío all of your performances deserve to be recorded under the best possible circumstances for two reasons: to give the widest possible audience a chance to enjoy your work and to leave a lasting mark on the History of Flamenco for generations to come”. This is all the truer as Rocio Molina is planning to retire from dancing to devote herself to performance beyond dance. These recordings will be her legacy as a dancer.

Recording location National Theatre of Catalunya
Production year 2023
Duration 61' / 75' / 81'
Video format 4K
Director Emilio Bellmonte
Production Company Retroviseur



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