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Adapting to the continuously growing digital realm can be a challenge for a traditional live art like Opera. However, it can also fuel a creative, vitalising re-imagination of the ways in which opera houses communicate and connect with their audience.

  • IMZ Academy 2017: Re-imagining Opera for the digital age | Copyright: © ITF Golden Prague

    IMZ Academy 2017: Re-imagining Opera for the digital age © ITF Golden Prague

  • IMZ Academy 2017: Re-imagining Opera for the digital age | Copyright: © ITF Golden Prague

    IMZ Academy 2017: Re-imagining Opera for the digital age © ITF Golden Prague

The IMZ Academy “Re-Imagining Opera for the Digital Age” was held from 28-29 September 2017 in the course of the International Television Festival Golden Prague.

It was designed to support opera houses in identifying and establishing relevant strategies to promote and position themselves in the digital world. On the one hand, we were looking into creative ways to communicate with their audience, on the other hand, we were examining possibilities and technologies in performance capture and streaming in order to reach and engage new audiences in an innovative manner.

The sessions were led by IMZ Academy Director Peter Maniura, Head of Digital Development at BBC Arts, together with the following expert speakers:

• David Collins, Director of External Affairs at Opera North
• Agnieszka Kłopocka, Project Leader of "The Opera Platform" at the Polish National Opera
• François Roussillon, Producer & TV Director at François Roussillon et Associés

At this point we wish to extend a heartfelt Thank You to our committed expert speakers and their invaluable contribution to the success of the IMZ Academy for Opera in the Digital Age!

Our gratitude also goes out to our 24 participants that joined us from 19 institutions from 13 different countries. But their special contribution went much further than this impressive diversity alone:

They also held responsible for the extraordinary rousing and open atmosphere, which made it easy to connect and exchange and build long-lasting professional networks on a global scope. Moreover, the curious and motivated attitude of all participants was an additional encouragement to share knowledge and discuss ideas with peers from different backgrounds, experiences and countries.

Thanks again to our partners BBC Arts, Opera North, Polish National Opera, François Roussillon et Associés and the International Television Festival Golden Prague and all our enthusiastic speakers and participants, who made this IMZ Academy as special as it was!



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