The CCI Thrive Workshop in Berlin – Enhancing the Creative Cultural Industry through Data

The multidisciplinary project made significant headway as best practices for cross-sectoral cultural collaboration begin to take on form

  • The CCI Thrive Workshop in Berlin – Enhancing the Creative Cultural Industry through Data | Copyright: © IMZ

    © IMZ

  • The CCI Thrive Workshop in Berlin – Enhancing the Creative Cultural Industry through Data | Copyright: © IMZ

    © IMZ

A successor project to Digital Cross Over (2019-2021), CCI Thrive is a cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary project that uses a data-driven approach to increase the competitiveness of the creative and cultural sectors by inspiring innovative new business models, boosting revenue + fostering better insight into audience preferences.

As CCI Thrive reaches its mid-point, concrete approaches toward a stronger creative and cultural industry through data sharing are becoming increasingly apparent: Following an online workshop in December that identified data that can enhance creative and cultural business models, the Berlin workshop saw the CCI Thrive project first present their interim findings at Avant Premiére Music + Media Market with an insightful presentation by Kelly Hazejager from the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision and Rémi Tereszkiewicz from Betaséries.

Afterwards, the CCI Thrive partners gathered to build on previous results, devising three potential business models based on data sharing over the next 1.5 days: “Franchising and Industry Collaborations”; “Underserved Audiences”; and “Matching Creative Products with Audiences”. These three mock-ups were then developed further during another online workshop in late March.

Co-Funded by the Creative Europe Media programme and the EU, CCI Thrive is set to run until 2024 and is coordinated by the BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammearbeit, with partner organisations in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy and France; the IMZ is proud to count itself among them.

The next workshop meeting will take place this month in Florence, Italy, and will include a final assessment to determine the best approach for the CCI platform's UX; we can’t wait for the results!



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