The Babylon Hotel

Author: EuroArts Music International

One night only! Welcome to the spectacular and decadent world of The Babylon Hotel, where music pours out of every crevice like bubbling champagne.

  • The Babylon Hotel | Copyright: © DR

    The Babylon Hotel © DR

  • The Babylon Hotel | Copyright: © DR

    The Babylon Hotel © DR

The Babylon Hotel is the concert where the upper class meets the underworld in a melting pot of euphoria and extravagance, nostalgia and pleasure with a carefree sinfulness only seen in the exuberant nightlife of the 1920s around the world.

The Babylon Hotel is where music pours out like bubbling champagne and searing absinthe from every crevice - from the roaring and sweaty to the sophisticated and glamorous.

The DR Symphony Orchestra has teamed up with the DR Big Band and their chief conductor Miho Hazama, and together they will take us through the fictional The Babylon Hotel, where the doors are opened to a world of music from movies like The Great Gatsby, Babylon, Burlesque, the TV series House of Dreams and Babylon Berlin as well as the operas Porgy & Bess and Mahagonny - and many more.

With a visit from Babylon Berlin's Moka Efti Orchestra, fronted by singer Severija, we will be transported into Berlin's boisterous and decadent underworld, while the hotel's violinist Christina Åstrand brings us into the sublime and extraordinary upper class in the hotel foyer.

The divas with their sumptuous diamonds are ready for a daring, ecstatic and sweet burlesque party in the cave of sin - filled to the brim with both tango jealousy and French coquetry.

It's not the calm before the storm - but the storm before the calm.

Genre Orchestral Music
Recording location DR Concert Hall, Copenhagen
Recording date 27.5.2023
Production year 2023
Duration approx. 80'
Video format HD
Production Company DR
TV Director Karsten Andersen
Distribution TV EuroArts Music
Distribution VOD / SVOD EuroArts Music
English title of music work Music by George Gershwin, Astor Piazzolla, Beyoncé, Bryan Ferry, Edith Piaf, Andrew Sisters, Moka Efti Orchestra, Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Stravinsky, Kurt Weill
Orchestra / Band Moka Efti Orchestra with Severija, DR Symphony Orchestra, DR Big Band
Conductor Miho Hazama
Soloist Emma Smith, Sweet Burlesque, Mademoiselle Karen, Jakob Munck, Christina Astrand



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