STARs 'n' FREEks by Igudesman & Joo

Author: Igudesman & Joo

Unusual brilliant talents that may not fit in a concert program, but have internet fame, star in Igudesman & Joo’s new concert cycle in Tonhalle Düsseldorf.

  • STARs 'n' FREEks Title | Copyright: © Music Traveler Productions @Julia Wesely

    STARs 'n' FREEks Title © Music Traveler Productions @Julia Wesely

  • STARs 'n' FREEks 1 | Copyright: © Music Traveler Productions @Julia Wesely

    STARs 'n' FREEks 1 © Music Traveler Productions @Julia Wesely

  • STARs 'n' FREEks 2 | Copyright: © Music Traveler Productions @Julia Wesely

    STARs 'n' FREEks 2 © Music Traveler Productions @Julia Wesely

Igudesman & Joo are admired for their creativity and humour at the highest level. They achieved fame with their stage show 'A Little Nightmare Music' and their productions with stars like Sir Roger Moore, Hans Zimmer, Billy Joel, Yuja Wang and John Malkovich among many others. “Rachmaninov Had Big Hands” or 'I will Survive' are among the YouTube classics that have been seen millions of times.

The two music and comedy heroes now curate their own concert series in the Tonhalle Düsseldorf. For 'STARs 'n' FREEks', they invite guest artists with particularly great and often rather unusual talent. That being artists who often blow up the Internet with their FREEkish skills, but who are rarely invited on stage in a concert hall.

Incidentally, 'FREEks' is the combination of “freaks” and the absolute freedom of these talents. Or loosely based on Joseph Joachim: free, but crazy.

Starting from 2021, there are 4 performances planned per season in Tonhalle Düsseldorf.

Igudesman & Joo and Tonhalle Düsseldorf are looking for partners to co-produce a live stream, TV broadcast and digital release.



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