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The IMZ is setting Standards. The IMZ Metadata Standard boosts the visibility of any type of content + simplifies the search for global content.

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The renowned audio and record engineer George Massenburg says “Metadata is at the core of the artistic archive”. Whether it is film, music, art or literature, the who, what, when and where are essentially data sets that help identify an artistic asset.

Up until now IMZ Members and other industry players use a wide range of Metadata. That results in inconsistent content descriptions and incompatible structures.

The IMZ + its Members and other relevant market organisations in the industry therefore defined a new set of Standards on Metadata. This sets a precedent in the audiovisual content industry, unifying the format of content Metadata and therefore increasing efficiency in the search and transactions of artistic assets.

The IMZ Metadata Standard aids the discovery of your content + simplifies the search for global assets. It is inclusive of all forms of content, including films, music, art + literature. Additionally, the structure for written info is flexible. In that way, it consolidates all existing Standards on Metadata.

With the IMZ Metadata Standard, content is traded, protected + handled more efficiently, helping buyers, sellers and distributors trade more time and cost-efficiently.



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