Showcase your project and secure funding at Sunny Side of the Doc + IMZ Pitchings Sessions.

Innovate, collaborate, and make your mark in the Digital & XR Sphere or pitch your project at the “Arts and Culture” pitching event at Avant Première 2024.

  • IMZ x SSD Pitching Sessions | Copyright: © Josefine Hüttig

    IMZ x SSD Pitching Sessions © Josefine Hüttig

Are you ready to take your projects to the big stage? Are you a pioneer in the realm of Digital & XR content, or a savvy art and culture film creator? Avant Première 2024 is calling all visionary companies and projects to participate at the Sunny Side of the Doc + IMZ Pitching Sessions! With opportunities in both "Arts and Culture" and "Digital & XR," you're invited to be a part of something truly transformative. Have a look:

Arts and Culture Pitching Session

Companies and projects in the realm of Arts and Culture Avant Première 2024 invites you to be part of something extraordinary: the 'Arts and Culture' pitching event, where your dreams and projects can take center stage. Whether you're crafting a documentary that tells a captivating story, producing a dance performance that deserves global recognition, or working on a groundbreaking project of cultural expression, this is your moment to shine. Connect with industry experts, investors, and fellow artists, and secure the support you need to bring your artistic vision to life. Submit your ideas now and be part of the magic at Avant Première 2024!

Digital & XR Pitching Session

Are you on the cutting edge of Digital Creation and XR? Avant Première 2024 welcomes pioneers and visionaries to join our pitching event: If you're developing immersive VR experiences, interactive digital art, or exploring the limitless possibilities of XR, this is for you. Connect with like-minded creators, potential partners, and investors eager to explore the forefront of the digital realm. Avant Première is your gateway to global recognition and success in this dynamic field. Submit your innovative ideas now and be part of the future at Avant Première 2024!"

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of Avant Première 2024, where groundbreaking projects are born, dreams are realized, and the future of arts and culture performances, and digital content creation is unveiled. If you want to join us in Berlin, buy a submisision ticket here, share your vision, and become a driving force in shaping the future of the creative industry.



New IMZ Member: Scenkonst Västernorrland

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

A warm welcome to Scenkonst Västernorrland, an important cultural player in Sweden, especially active in the fields of film and performing arts!

Promote your Business at Avant Première

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Unveiling Opportunities: Promote your Business at Avant Première 2024 in Berlin

Innovation Day + One-on-One Expert Sessions: Your Gateway to Industry Insights and Collaboration

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Experience the Future of Audiovisual Performing Arts at Avant Première: Innovation Day and One-on-One Expert Sessions.

Documentary: Petr Eben

Czech Television

A new documentary about an exceptional Czech music composer, organist, pianist and university pedagogue.


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