Rachmaninoff and Horowitz

Author: Peter Rosen Productions

The greatest musical collaboration and personal friendship in history - based on never-heard-before taped conversations between two music giants.

  • Vladimir Horowitz | Copyright: © Peter Rosen Productions

    Vladimir Horowitz © Peter Rosen Productions

  • Rachmaninoff | Copyright: © Peter Rosen Productions

    Rachmaninoff © Peter Rosen Productions

For the young Horowitz, meeting Rachmaninoff was a dream come true. He had referred to him as "...the musical God of my youth. This was the most unforgettable impression of my life".

It would become a personal and musical friendship of a lifetime, and a collaboration in music making never seen before and unequalled to this day. Both men shared the courage, intensity, and daring that makes for great music, in a partnership that lasted until Rachmaninoff's death in 1943.

Horowitz would cancel any concert in the world to return to New York if Rachmaninoff was in town, and Rachmaninoff was always present at Horowitz's New York concerts, and was always the last to leave the hall.

After hearing Horowitz's performance of his 3rd concerto on August 7, 1942 at the Hollywood Bowl, Rachmaninoff said, "This is the way I always dreamed my concerto should be played, but I never expected to hear it that way on Earth."

English title Rachmaninoff and Horowitz
Genre Performance / documentary
Recording location NYC NY Philharmonic
Recording date 1973 and present
Production year 2017
Duration 90 minutes (45 concert, 45 documentary)
Production Company Peter Rosen Productions, Inc.
Co-Production Company wdr/arte
Executive Producer Lothar Mattner
Director Peter Rosen



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