Orphea in Love

Author: EuroArts Music International

When Opera and cinema embrace each other: Axel Ranisch's “Orphea in Love”.

  • Orphea in Love | Copyright: © Missing Films

    Orphea in Love © Missing Films

  • Orphea in Love | Copyright: © schöne neue filme

    Orphea in Love © schöne neue filme

  • Orphea in Love | Copyright: © schöne neue filme

    Orphea in Love © schöne neue filme

A young call centre agent falls in love with a petty criminal street dancer. She is Orpheus. He is Eurydice. She expresses herself through singing, he articulates himself through his dance.
Like Orpheus, Orphea is granted to bring back her loved one from the underworld and exactly like in Gluck’s opera there is a happy ending, but the film has another pace than opera can sometimes have. Just as in the good old opera though, the music always seems to start when time stands still, and the characters turn inward to escape into their dreamworld. For her great love, Orphea descends into the underworld, faces her old demons, and learns to trust again…

“Orphea in Love” is a sweet homage to the opera and love itself while simultaneously telling its story in a mix of realism and kitsch that, in a way, feels just as close to Flashdance as to Gluck or Puccini.

Theatrical start in Germany is summer 2023. Get in touch with the EuroArts team for further distribution.

Genre Operafilm
Production year 2022/23
Production Company EuroArts Music, schöne neue filme & SEHR GUTE FILME in co-production with BR/Arte
Duration 108'
TV Director Axel Ranisch
Distribution TV EuroArts Music (ww)
Distribution VOD / SVOD EuroArts Music (ww)
Distribution homevideo Missing Films (DACH)
Distribution theatrical Missing Films (DACH)



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