Open letters from the cultural sector to the European Commission

European cultural institutions published multiple joint letters to members of the EU and the European Commission, addressing the impact of COVID-19 on the cultural sector.

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The first letter was initiiated by Culture Action Europe. “The diversity of the cultural and creative sectors and their activities calls for a multi-targeted approach to address the impacts being felt across the sectors due to COVID-19. A range of different possibilities should be open to cultural organisations benefiting from Creative Europe funding in order to provide the appropriate support and allow for fitting responses in the case of each organisation’s circumstances.” Read the full letter here.

Another joint letter was penned by Liveurope. “Music is one of the first sectors hit by the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. It will also be one of the last.” Find the full letter here.

One more letter written by REMA – Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne (European Early Music Network), signed by organisations like the EMC, IMC and the IMZ. “Now Europe needs culture and culture needs Europe [...] The cultural sector, and in particular the live performance sector, is heavily hit by the crisis. The confinement measures taken by national governments have, within a few hours, put on hold their main purposes: bringing together groups of people that share the work of artists at the same time and in the same place.” Read the full letter here.

And last but not least, UNIC – Union Internationale des Cinémas was responsible for a fourth letter. Across Europe, almost all cultural activities have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely, millions of jobs are on the line. We call for ambitious EU bdgetary measures. Read the full letter here.

The IMZ – as well as other renowned institutions like the AEC or the EMC – has gladly supported these messages, since they shine a light on the extremely hard situation artists and cultural institutions find themselves in right now.



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