New Ring des Nibelungen from Deutsche Oper Berlin

Author: NAXOS Audiovisual Division

Deutsche Oper and Naxos set to film Stefan Herheim's exuberant staging featuring an outstanding cast of Wagner singers, conducted by Sir Donald Runnicles.

  • Deutsche Oper Berlin - Ring des Nibelungen, staged by Stefan Herheim - Die Walküre - Nina Stemme | Copyright: © Bernd Uhlig

    Deutsche Oper Berlin - Ring des Nibelungen, staged by Stefan Herheim - Die Walküre - Nina Stemme © Bernd Uhlig

With its expansive world of gods, heroes and giants, and due to the sheer length of the production, DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN is the greatest challenge for every production team.

At the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Sir Donald Runnicles and Stefan Herheim have now set themselves the task of translating the world of Wagner's tetralogy into the 21st century, featuring a cast of outstanding singer-actors like Nina Stemme, Clay Hilley, Elisabeth Teige, Brandon Jovanovic, Thomas Blondelle, Derek Welton, Annika Schlicht and many others.

In continuation of their successful collaboration, joint producers the Deutsche Oper Berlin and Naxos set to film the two cyclical performances of the RING DES NIBELUNGEN in November 2021. In addition to the Deutsche Oper Berlin and Naxos, other production partners are Norwegian television NRK, the performing arts streaming platform MarqueeTV and Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, which will also broadcast the second cycle live on the radio.

The RING DES NIBELUNGEN will be available internationally on MarqueeTV in spring 2022, as well as being broadcast on Norwegian television NRK. In autumn 2022, Naxos will publish the RING cycle as a DVD and as Blu-ray box set.
This major project is the continuation of an ongoing partnership between Naxos Audiovisual and the Deutsche Oper Berlin which has produced FRANCESCA DA RIMINI, HEART CHAMBER, the opera DAS WUNDER DER HELIANE, which was awarded the renowned Opus Klassik, and the GRAMMY nominated recording of DER ZWERG.

Original title Der Ring des Nibelungen
Genre Opera
Recording location Deutsche Oper Berlin
Production Company Naxos, Deutsche Oper Berlin
Co-Production Company RBB
Assoc. Prod. Company NRK, MarqueeTV



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