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    © Beethoven Jubiläums Gesellschaft

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    © Stadt Bonn / Michael Sondermann

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    © Sonja Werner

Ludwig van Beethoven was born on 16 December 1770, in Bonn. In 2020, Germany and the entire world will celebrate the 250th anniversary of his birth.

The Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Rhine-Sieg District and the Federal City of Bonn have joined forces to establish the Beethoven Anniversary Society, which, under the auspices of the BTHVN2020 brand, will coordinate and communicate this important anniversary.

Ludwig van Beethoven is regarded as the most classical of composers. His music is ubiquitous not only in the concert halls of the world, but is to be encountered in the anthem of the European Union, in advertising, in film, in the sports stadium and in space. But there is much more to Beethoven than his music: he was a radical artist who constantly reinvented himself, broadened the boundaries of music and challenged society. Visionary, creative, humane, freedom-loving and politically-inspired to this day – worldwide.

As a ‘Beethoven discovery year’, BTHVN2020 mobilises people and opens up diverse perspectives – on Beethoven and on topics related with his personality. The Jubilee offers outstanding opportunities for great musical experiences and for understanding social identity and future issues at home and abroad.

The Beethoven Anniversary Society will strengthen Bonn, the City of Beethoven, and its important institutions dedicated to him, by developing its own projects under the BTHVN2020 brand, as well as by promoting, showcasing and coordinating Beethoven-focused projects initiated by others. It will shape the Beethoven anniversary as a national event with international reach and a broad participation of the people.



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