New Documentaries on Salzburg Festival

Author: Unitel

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary Unitel presents two new documentaries on the Salzburg Festival.

  • Hugo v. Hofmannsthal & Richard Strauss | Copyright: © Richard Strauss Archiv

    Hugo v. Hofmannsthal & Richard Strauss © Richard Strauss Archiv

Two very distinct films are covering the world's most prestigious festival, “classical music and opera’s starriest and most important annual event” (The New York Times).

“Salzburg and its Festival” by Beate Thalberg tells the rich history of the Salzburg Festival from the unique perspective of the butler of Max Reinhardt, one of the founders of the Salzburg Festival. In an highly entertaining yet profound way, using more than 300 archival photos and excerpts, digitally animated and arranged, we are flying through time and get introduced to the many facets this festival has presented.

“The Whole City Is A Stage – 100 Years Salzburg Festival” focuses more on the festival itself, the various stages it offers and the important role the festival plays in the world of classical music. Director Chris Weisz presents the world heritage site with beautiful shots. Festival veterans like Anne-Sophie Mutter, who had her breakthrough in Salzburg with Herbert von Karajan or director Peter Sellars tell their story and their relationship to Salzburg Festival.

Please contact us for screeners of the documentaries.



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