National Theatre hosts the Golden Prague again!

Author: Czech Television

We look forward to seeing you from Wednesday, 20 September, to Saturday, 23 September, at the premises of the New Stage of the National Theatre in Prague.

  • Golden Prague Festival | Copyright: © Czech Television

    Golden Prague Festival © Czech Television

  • Golden Prague Festival | Copyright: © Czech Television

    Golden Prague Festival © Czech Television

  • Golden Prague Festival | Copyright: © Czech Television

    Golden Prague Festival © Czech Television

Visitors from the ranks of the general public and professionals from the worlds of television and theatre alike have the opportunity to gather in the historical centre of Prague again to sample the very best dance, drama, and music documentaries as well as recordings of concerts and stage productions, but also to meet in the flesh with directors, producers, and many of their well-loved actors, singers, and dancers.

The focal point of the festival necessarily shifted over the years, but in the new millennium, it secured its status as an irreplaceable and unique showcase of television productions which are centered around music, dance, and theatre. Festive evening galas and a varied roster of complementary social events have been added to the mix, making the event highly popular not only among enthusiasts for live and televised culture but also among families.

Alongside its sister events, the television festivals Prix Italia and Rose d’Or, Golden Prague has established itself as a regular port of call for professionals who descend on Prague from all over the world to debate and network with their colleagues in valuable exchanges during the day and to enjoy film premieres or live performances by top musicians in the evening.

Last but not least, an international jury convenes every year at the Golden Prague festival to choose the winners from among the submitted entries.

This year’s 60th Golden Prague festival is set to take place at its traditional venue – the New Stage of the National Theatre. Make sure to accredit yourself in time for this year’s jubilee!



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