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A warm welcome to our newest member Lumikinos Production! Check out this interview with CEO and Creative Lead Thomas Freundlich what they do, what they can do for you - and meet them at Avant Première 2017 in Berlin!

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    Subsurface flames © Lumikinos

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    CEO Thomas Freundlich © Pekka Kurtz

Welcome to the IMZ!
What do you do and what do you offer to the industry?

TF: Lumikinos Production is an independent production company based in Finland and focused on the performing arts. Our particular area of specialty is filming dance – encompassing performance captures, dance short films and documentary work – but in the last year or so, our production portfolio has also been expanding rapidly into the neighbouring arts, including music.
Approaching motion imaging for dance from the background of a choreographer and dancer gives a good basis for understanding the art form and being able to convey its essence on the screen. So if you are looking for high-quality capture of dance, or interested in dance film in general, let's definitely talk more!

Why did you decide to become an IMZ Member?

TF: I had been aware of IMZ and Avant Premiere for several years, but due to busy schedules I hadn't had the opportunity of visiting the event before. Spending a day at Avant Premiere last spring immediately made it obvious that this is the place to be!

So we will see you at Avant Première 2017 in Berlin?

TF: Definitely!


The IMZ is a global business network for all industries promoting performing arts through audiovisual media. What member benefits are most important to you?

TF: For me, the most important benefits are being able to network globally with other players in the field, present one's work and new projects to the right people, and of course take part in Avant Premiere as quite a relevant business event.

What should other members contact you about?

TF: In addition to dance film and documentary work, our specialty is creating high-quality multi-camera captures of dance performances, shot at digital cinema quality (including 4K if necessary) but produced with a small and agile production crew. So naturally if there is a need for this kind of service, we're happy to make new contacts and open up avenues for discussion internationally. And of course we do have several exiting and upcoming projects available for licensing and sales worldwide, so feel free to be in touch if you see anything that would interest you either on our website or at Avant Premiere next spring!

What in your eyes will be the future of music and dance in the media? What does this imply for content providers?

TF: Music and dance will always be part of people's lives, though the technical means of how these art forms are brought to audiences has of course evolved radically over the years and decades. Business and revenue models in the field will obviously continue to undergo rapid transformation and even disruptive change, but I believe that the "traditional" forms of motion imaging for the performing arts will not go out of style - just as radio wasn't made obsolete by television, television didn't kill off cinema, and TV is still extremely relevant even though we have the Internet. The traditional forms of broadcast and communication will continue to exist alongside new and exciting developments, whether these are live streaming, 3D, HFR, UHD/4K/8K, VR, some combination of these, or some new exciting acronym we haven't even imagined yet. :)

However, I believe that at the core of everything will always be the work and the art itself – how people communicate through music and dance, and how the essence of these arts can be conveyed and preserved for a wider audience beyond the live performance situation. Ultimately, content still rules, whatever tools and technologies are used to create it and bring it to audiences across the globe.

Thank you!
Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin from 11 - 15 February 2017 for
Avant Première Music + Media Market Berlin!





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