Kurt Brazda

Kurt Brazda is an Austrian director, cinematographer and photographic artist.

  • Kurt Brazda and composer Kurt Schwertsik | Copyright: ©

    Kurt Brazda and composer Kurt Schwertsik ©

  • Portrait Kurt Brazda | Copyright: ©

    Portrait Kurt Brazda ©

  • Plakat Dokumentarfilm | Copyright: ©

    Plakat Dokumentarfilm ©

Kurt Brazda studied at Vienna`s University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in the Department of Film and Television. He has started his career in 1970 and within the last 40 years has been involved in more than 600 productions.

Mr. Brazda, welcome to the IMZ. Why have you become an IMZ member?
Kurt Brazda: I have always dealt with contemporary music - and would like to spread this music within the IMZ membership and create a broader awareness of the new soundscapes. Also I would like to present my new film project and am very interested in the reactions of other experts from the industry.

What is your project about?
KB: It is called “Evolution on B“ and it is a documentary essay about the Austrian composer and compositional teacher Karl Schiske, who was the pioneer of contemporary music in Austria after the Second World War. The arc of the film stretches from the 1950s to the present, where students of Karl Schiske talk in interviews about their experiences with him. It is also about the musical landscape of Austria after the Second World War. After the war a strong anti-Semitism prevailed here - and Jewish artists had little chances in the business.

What would you like to achieve with your film?
KB: Using cinematic means to bring contemporary music to the audience. Together with my cinematographer Benjamin Epp I tried to convert the music into pictures. Omission is the great art in the documentary film – it must not be boring! Therefore, you have to pick up the audience where it is and show each individual that the subject of the film has something to do with him. I would hope that more cultural content will be shown in the main evening TV programme to give people an opportunity to get to know the immeasurable wealth of cultural expressions and fascinate them.

You are an experienced filmmaker, who has been involved in more than 600 productions. What do you look for in your work?
KB: I am a politically thinking person, so many of my documentary films have to do with politics and fascism in addition to art and culture as well as social issues. It is important to me to show that you can change something, if you only want - for a sustainable shaping of the future you have to deal with the past.

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