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Learn all about the partner for classical music in and from Liechtenstein!

  • KULMAG | Copyright: © Andreas Domjanic

    KULMAG © Andreas Domjanic

  • KULMAG | Copyright: © Andreas Domjanic

    KULMAG © Andreas Domjanic

  • KULMAG | Copyright: © Andreas Domjanic

    KULMAG © Andreas Domjanic

In 2021, KULMAG Kulturmanagement AG evolved from the company DraDoVision Est. 15 years of experience as a driving force in the European cultural sector, paired with an unerring instinct for the trends of tomorrow, have proved us to be a competent partner for a wide range of projects. We see ourselves as a provider of services and consultancy, but also as a concert agency, professional and further education provider and a key player in the promotion of culture and talent.

... a Visionary & an Entrepreneur
We are committed to developing ideas and promoting an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial action. We are open to innovation and continue to seek new paths within the creative industries, whether digital or analogue.

... a Provider of Services & Consultancy
We offer services within the cultural sector, providing quality, professionalism and excellence. Whether it's marketing and PR, the production and marketing of our own and third-party music and publishing products, multimedia content, live streaming etc., we can help.

... a Discoverer of Talents & Builder of Bridges
We are absolutely dedicated to the discovery of young artists. The institutions we manage open doors to competitions and concert stages. Participation in orchestras and ensembles as well as gaining initial teaching experiences at the highest level facilitate the development of their individual potentials.

Our extensive services include institutional advice, artists secretariat, event and travel management, media services, parenting guidance and correpetition. Always on the pulse of time, we offer our subscribers the opportunity to watch our concerts via high-quality live streams as well as Video-on-demand and bring classical music to their homes through our brand-new platform, which will be launched on 20 June 20th 2021.


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