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Welcome to the IMZ!
What is and why is it good to get to know you?

Michael Zöllner: visualises music in a documentary style: by taking the simplicity and the immediacy of a radio feature, the speed of the internet and the aesthetics of film, it creates moving images of synesthetic quality.
We are an independent production company and service partner based in Cologne, Germany. Our three main business fields are: video content for the music market, video content for branded entertainment campaigns with focus on music and music programmes for TV and crossmedia.

What does that look like in concrete terms?

MZ: We develop format concepts based on an individual approach that takes the overall communication strategy and social media marketing goals into account: the production of music features, music documentaries, live concerts, music videos, trailers and social media video content. The audiovisual composition of the video content draws its artistic direction from the musical performances themselves in order to form a holistic piece of content – a unique approach that is based on the background of the three owners of the company as audio&video designers and engineers with expertise in music and film.

What motivated you to become an IMZ Member?

MZ: Our marketing and networking strategies have been focusing on music market conferences, digital marketing events and film festivals. But we have not had a chance to connect with people who are active in the same niche as we are. So we are looking forward to getting in touch with IMZ Members!

The IMZ is a global business network for all those promoting performing arts through media. What are the key member benefits for you?

MZ: We presented one of our projects in the Pitching Session by the IMZ and the European Broadcasting Union and will use as many screening and pitching opportunities with the IMZ as possible. Also we find the IMZ Member Directory with 1.000 international contacts very helpful and last but not least we appreciate to be introduced to the professional community by the IMZ Newsletter!

Will you attend Avant Première 2017?

MZ: Definitely! Right now we are busy preparing for the event. We look forward to make personal contacts there and new business contacts. We are excited to present some of our projects and ideas and expect to be networking, networking, networking!

What should other members contact you about?

MZ: Generally as well as for Avant Première, we wish to find partners for commissioning and for co-productions to which we can contribute as service partners with our expertise in visualizing music in a documentary style.

What in your eyes will be the future of music in the media?

MZ: Living in a highly visually oriented society, we want to create content that is visual but based on music. This way, we want to create a contrast to visual content in which music is predominantly used as a soundtrack to serve the moving images. In other words, we want music to be the main theme of the visual content!

How, in your eyes, will audiences consume music in the future? What does this imply for content providers?

MZ: is a young company in which young people let their visions come true. Talking about young generations we think that attributes like ‘authenticity’, ‘personal engagement’ and ‘real life’ in ‘real time’ will become more important for providers of entertainment in media.
Also, old structures like producers delivering content to customers will shift over to more interactive and non-linear ways of communication, for example: real life events shared and communicated on many channels like social media that are fired by a real life impact rather than by artificially created circumstances.
As our company name implies with the ending “.tv” - we are from the web and produce for the web.

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