Join the EMC's STAMP- Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals

The European Music Council would like to invite to their capacity building workshops on 27 and 29 November in Budapest, Hungary and encourages everyone to spread the word and invite members and young colleagues to develop their skills in project management and to network with other professionals.

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Come to Budapest and learn more about the different training options available and how you can benefit from it!

On Tuesday 27 November, from 14:00 - 18:00, you will learn best practices on how to include disadvantaged youth in society through music.

On Thursday 29 November, from 9:30 - 13:00, you will get to know the behind the scenes of STAMP: Discover the training tools developed during the project on how to start international cooperations and develop your network but also on how to organise festivals and include your volunteers in the organisational process. Finally, the EMC will present you their online courses and webinars and much more.

On Thursday 29 November, from 14:30 - 18:00, you can brush up on your office management skills. Different speakers will share their office management tools and tips on how to work remotely and communicate with your board members or partners abroad.

EMC Membership benefit: The EMC offers a travel/accommodation bursary of 300€ to all its members as well as to members of members (upon availability). Please reach out to to apply for it.

Learn more about the STAMP initiative and the training session in Budapest:



Dmitry Masleev

Les Films De La Découverte

Dmitry Masleev live performance 2018.

Hollywood in Vienna – The World of Hans Zimmer

C Major Entertainment

Hans Zimmer is often described as the "rock star of film music” and has been regarded as one of the most innovative symphonists of the dream factory for decades.

Of Vineyards and Shoeboxes – Filming completed

Accentus Music GmbH

Accentus Music has wrapped filming for its documentary about the search for perfect concert hall acoustics directed by Günter Atteln.

Submit your documentary proposal for the Sunny Side of the Doc + IMZ Pitching Session

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Avant Première 2019 shines a special spotlight on performing arts documentaries. Submit your performing arts documentary until 30 November 2018 for a chance to win the exceptional opportunity to pitch directly to international decision makers at Avant Première and subsequently at Sunny Side of the Doc!


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