In production: The Sound Weavers

Author: EuroArts Music International

Ludovico Einaudi, Hania Rani, Joep Beving and Hauschka in 'The Sound Weavers: Neo-Classical Composers and Performers'.

  • Ludovico Einaudi | Copyright: © Ray Tarantino

    Ludovico Einaudi © Ray Tarantino

  • Hania Rani | Copyright: © EuroArts Music

    Hania Rani © EuroArts Music

  • Hauschka | Copyright: © EuroArts Music

    Hauschka © EuroArts Music

They attract millions of people to their concerts and via streaming services; their albums sell like hotcakes. Both young and old flock to sold-out houses; making directors and managers in the classical music industry green with envy. In any case, NEO-CLASSICAL, as the new music trend is called, is a mega hit.
What makes the form so popular? Is their music ingenious or simply comforting? Are they Mozarts 2.0 or rather maestros for the masses? Do they build a bridge to the musical past, allowing our ears to walk comfortably in "familiar territory"?

The documentary, 'The Sound Weavers: Neo-Classical Composers and Performers Ludovico Einaudi, Hania Rani, Joep Beving and Hauschka' portrays some of the most successful protagonists of the genre. It tells their stories, visits them and their concerts. It gets up close and personal with its audience, seeks answers from socialists, neuroscientists, musicologists and even marketing experts. But above it all, it allows these creators – these weavers – to have their own say.

Now in production and soon available.

English title The Sound Weavers: Neo-Classical Composers and Performers
Original title Die Klangweber
Production year 2021
Genre Documentary
Duration 52
Production Company EuroArts Music
TV Director Anne-Kathrin Peitz
Distribution TV EuroArts Music
Soloist Ludovico Einaudi, Hania Rani, Hauschka, Joep Beving



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