IMZ Standards: shaping the industry, for + by the IMZ Members

The IMZ + its Members define a new set of Standards - setting new boundaries in the audiovisual sector.

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The digitalisation of the global audiovisual sector opens up new opportunities for efficient + safe b2b transactions.


What are they?

Together with its Members the IMZ wants to ensure that the entire film trade value chain benefits from the new Standards – including the perspectives from buyers, sellers and producers right from the start.

IMZ Metadata

What is metadata?

Metadata are all the information about an asset. For film assets this includes the title, director and length, but also global licensing agreements and available language versions.

At present IMZ Members and other industry players use a wide range of Metadata. That results in inconsistent data and incompatible structures.
A streamlined + automated process using standardized metadata speeds up the search for + showcasing of assets and makes the licence trade more efficient.

The IMZ Metadata Standards are inclusive of all forms of content, including music, art, film + literature.
This allows any content to be classified in a uniform and universal structure. In turn, content is traded, protected + handled more efficiently, helping buyers, sellers and distributors trade more time and cost-efficiently – actively shaping the film trading business.

Watch the tutorial to learn more!

European Licence Ledger

An integral part of the IMZ established Standards is the European Licence Ledger - a land register for licences!
The European Licence Ledger is non-profit and based on state-of-the-art blockchain technology.
The European Licence Ledger serves as a decentralized licence registry to guarantee clarity + protect content licences.

Protect your asset ownership on the blockchain!

ISCC Code for Film

Our third Standard is the unique ISCC Film Identifier. Together with the International Standard Content Code (ISCC) Foundation the IMZ is developing what already exists for books: a non-profit standard film identification code for any snippet longer than 2 secs!
The combination of the ISCC Code4Film + the European Licence Ledger is the answer to the challenges that digital transformation poses for license trading!

The ISCC is a content-based identifying code that protects the complete asset + serves to recognize the content.
Buyers, sellers and producers can use the ISCC to search for, find and trade even small snippets of a film, an aria of an opera or a specific dance performance.

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