IMZ Round Table Sparks Creative Funding Ventures to Elevate the Arts!

Filling the Gap with collaborative Strategies: Arts Professionals Unite to Explore Funding Innovations

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In an enlightening IMZ Round Table discussion, organised by IMZ Vice-President Jason Charters and IMZ's Max Beckham-Ortner, over 30 IMZ members from 10 countries came together to discuss creative funding ventures that elevate the arts to new heights and possibilities. This round table took us on a journey through progressive funding models, rethinking and contextualising the way we successfully fund music and dance programs in today’s ecosystems.We thank everyone for their input and are looking forward to our next IMZ Round Table in autumn. PS: Our IMZ's members can rewatch the round table on

If you have any topics you would like to discuss during a round table, please share them with Max Beckham-Ortner at



OSR, Wagner-Strauss' concert at the Victorial Hall

Auditorium Films

The future director of the Dresden Staatskapelle, Daniele Gatti, has been invited by the OSR to give three exceptional concerts.

CCI Thrive makes another Step towards Functionality

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Using traction of past discernments CCI Thrive develops further areas of insight.

Isabelle Faust plays Locatelli ready for delivery

Accentus Music

Together with Il Giardino Armonico and Giovanni Antonini, Isabelle Faust revives Locatelli's virtuosically superior music for violin in Bergamo.

20th anniversary of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra

Accentus Music

To mark the jubilee, Accentus Music will be recording three concerts from this year's summer festival.


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