IMZ Music Academy in Lisbon strarting soon, fully booked

Starting with the preparing workshop early this October, the IMZ Academy in Lisbon will commence to tutor the next generation of live performance multi-camera directing for classical music in Lisbon in November.

  • IMZ Academy | Copyright: © Gulbenkian

    IMZ Academy © Gulbenkian

IMZ Academy 2023 in Lisbon
7-11 November 2023
Lisbon, Portugal

At the heart of this year’s IMZ Music Academy lies the commitment to nurturing the next generation of live-multi-camera-music-performance directors. The passion for capturing the essence of musical performances on screen is what mad us work together. Over the course of the academy, participants will have the privilege of learning from industry experts, collaborating with the Gulbenkian Orchestra, renown artists and fellow enthusiasts, and gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

This IMZ Academy will again be led by a group of extraordinary people, dedicated to creating and capturing art and dedicated to transmit their abilities to the next generation:


Peter Maniura
is a director with over 25 years of experience working with the BBC and director of the IMZ Academy.

Krišs Russmann
is an EMMY-nominated multi-camera director, has made over 30 documentaries and filmed over 150 music performances.

Yvonne Craven
is an experienced script supervisor and production manager. She specialises in a wide range of multi-camera music, event + entertainment programmes including live broadcasts.


Risto Joost
the award-winning Estonian conductor, with a wide recognition, is the artistic director and chief conductor of Vanemuine Tartu.

Alexandra Dovgan
the Russian talent won the Grand Prix at the "Grand Piano Competition" and now is studying at the Moscow State Conservatoire.

The Gulbenkian Orchestra
founded in 1962 interprets works from the Baropue and classical periods and much of the 21st century music has performed all over Portugal.

We are looking forward to the birth of a new wave of talented directors, who will continue the art of capturing musical performances, much in the way a conductor would.

See you in Lisbon!



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