IMZ at Golden Prague International Television Festival Turning 60

Author: IMZ International Music + Media Centre

The IMZ contributes at the Golden Prague ITF 2023.

  • IMZ at Golden Prague International Television Festival Turning 60 | Copyright: © Golden Prague ITF

    © Golden Prague ITF

Golden Prague International Television Festival
20-23 September 2023
Prague, Czechia

The IMZ is again looking forward to its involvement in this year's anticipated Golden Prague ITF. The prestigious event, held in the esteemed National Theater in Prague, is celebrating 60 years of excellence in music, dance and drama on screen. This year’s edition will be setting new standards in magnitude of material. Never were so many movies admitted to the awards (83), nor had the jurors to watch so many minutes of film (6,906) to determine the next price honourees.

The IMZ will additionally be participating in the panel discussion: “Turning classical music (back) into entertainment.” Where we will be looking into the future and possibilities of classical music and its relationship to more modern approaches of consuming art.

Many events are set to happen on this year's Golden Prague ITF. So will the IMZ hold its Directorate Meeting on the 20 and its Board Meeting on 21 September. It is also the IMZ's honour, together with the EBU, to act as the electing body of the winners of this year´s EBU-IMZ Outstanding Achievement Award. Although there are many things to say about it, we can only point to the event, where more will be revealed. One thing we can tell you: There will be not one, but two winners this year.

Have a look at the Golden Prague ITF website to find out more about the Award Ceremony.

The IMZ's timeline on the Golden Prague ITF 2023:

13:30-15:00 (CET) EBU-IMZ Panel “Turning classical music (back) into entertainment.”

16:00-18:00 (CET) The IMZ will be holding its IMZ Directorate Meeting. Attendance for the IMZ Directorate only.

10:00-11:00 (CET) IMZ Board Meeting. Attendance for IMZ Board Members only.

20:00-21:30 (CET) Presentation of the EBU-IMZ Outstanding Achievement Award in the course of the Official Awards Ceremony, on the stage of the National Theater.

It is worthy to note, that on Thursday the 21 September 13:00-14:30 (CET) there will also be a short but very necessary celebration of 60 years of Golden Prague ITF at the Café Nona. For this special event has been a showcase of artistic excellence and has been captivating audiences for six decades - and that needs some celebration.

Have a look at the programme at Golden Prague ITF HERE.
If you have not yet gotten your accreditation, you can do this HERE for free.



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