IMZ Academy Session at KARAJAN MUSIC TECH 2022

Author: IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Join us for the IMZ Academy Session “Digital Content Management in a Decentralised + Democratised Online World“ at Karajan Music Tech on 8 April 2022 online!

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This year's focus of the Karajan Music Tech is NFTs, Web3 and DAOs. The IMZ contributes to the programme with the IMZ Academy Session “Digital Content Management in a Decentralised + Democratised Online World“.

Decentralisation and democratisation are shaping our business of tomorrow. Blockchain technology and Web 3.0 (aka. Web3), aim to empower internet users to claim real ownership of the content and data they have created and shared with others. But what ways are there to identify and protect digital assets such as music and video files in the online world?

Together with experts from the music and tech industries we will reflect on current practices and standards and will put those into comparison with a promising proposition made by the ISCC Foundation. Learn more about this IMZ Academy Session here.

Thanks to our valuable partner Karajan Music Tech for inviting us for the 5th time already to be part of the annual conference moving music forward.

Register directly for the Karajan Music Tech via the link below.




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