Hearing is Believing

Author: Poorhouse International

A documentary following Rachel Flowers, a blind 24 year old multi-talented instrumentalist and composer.

  • Rachel Flowers @ keyboard | Copyright: © Lorenzo DeStefano

    Rachel Flowers @ keyboard © Lorenzo DeStefano

Poorhouse International is happy to announce worldwide distribution of Lorenzo DeStefano´s documentary on Rachel Flowers, a multi-talented instrumentalist and composer born in 1993, fifteen weeks prematurely, losing her eyesight as an infant due to Rinopathy of Prematurity.
Rachel began to play the piano at the age of two, endowed with perfect pitch, and became a student of the Southern California University of Music at four. There she also learnt to play the flute, mastered the Braille Music Code and made herself familiar with adaptive computer music applications.
She is best known for her YouTube videos featuring her interpretations of music by Emerson, Lake & Palmer performed as a solo artist on the piano and organ. When Lorenzo DeStefano saw her perform at a local jazz club he immediately felt Rachel Flowers was worth a film. Following her for two years he completed an amazing documentary showing Rachel performing at various venues, playing Las Vegas, demonstrating her gift in schools, composing and playing her own music with a symphony orchestra. In July of this year she featured at the Tribute to Keith Emerson in Birmingham.

Duration 104' or 58'
Video format HD
Director Lorenzo DeStefano



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