Golden Prague 2023 Nominees Announcement

Author: Czech Television

We are pleased to announce that 31 music, dance, and theater productions proceed to the second round of the Golden Prague Festival competition.

  • Golden Prague Festival | Copyright: © Czech Television

    Golden Prague Festival © Czech Television

The list of the 31 nominated films (sorted by the competition numbers) emerged from the first round of evaluation by a five-member international jury (Link below).
In the second round, which will take place during the festival, the jury will decide on the prize winners.

The Jury awards:
• The main prize of the Festival, GRAND PRIX GOLDEN PRAGUE, to the winning programme. This prize includes a financial award of EUR 10.000,-
• Three CZECH CRYSTALS to winning programmes in individual categories
• SPECIAL MENTION for extraordinary artistic achievement

Please note that within the scope of the second round, each juror has the right to propose a "wild card" for one film that didn't make it to the TOP 31. The inclusion of such a film in the second round has to be decided upon by the entire jury. The exercise of this right by a juror is entirely optional.

Even the films that didn't proceed to the second round still have a chance to win some of the other awards.

Additional awards:
• The Director General of Czech TV awards the CZECH TELEVISION PRIZE
• Dagmar and Václav Havel's Foundation VIZE 97 awards their PRIZE. It includes a financial award of CZK 50.000,-

The Awards Ceremony for the jubilee 60th edition of the Golden Prague Festival will take place at the New Stage of the National Theatre on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's competition. Congratulations to all the nominees and best of luck to all!



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