Festspielhaus Baden-Baden: Elektra

Author: EuroArts Music International

Easter Festival in Baden-Baden: Strauss' Elektra in a new production by director Philipp Stölzl with Kirill Petrenko & the Berliner Philharmoniker.

  • Philipp Stölzl | Copyright: © Philipp Stölzl

    Philipp Stölzl © Philipp Stölzl

  • Kirill Petrenko | Copyright: © Chris Christodoulou

    Kirill Petrenko © Chris Christodoulou

  • Nina Stemme | Copyright: © Nina Stemme

    Nina Stemme © Nina Stemme

Richard Strauss’s Elektra was the sensation that ushered in modernity and at the same time popularising it. Heroes on the verge of madness, just what the audience loves! The world comes tumbling down upon us, specifically here: the Straussian orchestra. No fewer than 111 musicians conjure up magic that carries the singers and propels them forward: in our concert, legendary Wagner voices Nina Stemme in the title role and Michaela Schuster as Clytemnestra, who offer up plenty of mother-daughter psychodrama. The tempestuous duo is joined and brought down to earth by Elza van den Heever as Elektra's sister who yearns for love.

Genre Opera
Recording location Festspielhaus, Baden-Baden
Production year 2024
Duration approx.110
Video format HD
Production Company EuroArts, SWR, Arte
TV Director Nele Münchmeyer
English title of music work Elektra, Op. 58
Libretto Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Composer Richard Strauss
Orchestra / Band Berliner Philharmoniker
Conductor Kirill Petrenko
Stage Director Philipp Stölzl
Director Philipp M. Krenn
Costumes Kathi Maurer
Recording date March/April 2024
Soloist Nina Stemme, Elektra; Elza van den Heever, Chrysothemis; Michaela Schuster; Klytämnestra; Johan Reuter, Orest; Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke, Aegisth



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