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Author: Only Hands Small

Music Traveler Production will be represented by the new COO Sabina Igudesman. She is coming to Avant Première to present some very exciting projects.

  • Music Traveler Productions with Yuja Wang | Copyright: © Julia Wesely

    Music Traveler Productions with Yuja Wang © Julia Wesely

  • Sabina Hasanova - COO | Copyright: © Julia Wesely

    Sabina Hasanova - COO © Julia Wesely

Unfortunately Aleksey Igudesman and Hyung-ki Joo cannot join Avant Première this year. They send greetings from Carnegie Hall where they cloned Yuja Wang to perform with them in their new show.

But they are very happy that the new COO of Music Traveler Production will represent them.
Please take good care of Sabina Hasanova - she will present some very exciting projects:

Historical and Hysterical Guide to the Orchestra
A curious customer walks into a shop where the sounds of an orchestra are playing. Upon getting the shopkeeper’s attention, the customer asks which instrument he would recommend. And so the Shopkeeper begins his fascinating guide to each and every instrument of the orchestra. Packed with original music to showcase each instrument, well-researched historical facts, and the trademark goofiness of Igudesman & Joo, the listeners of all ages will feel inspired to discover more about the orchestra.

Clash of the Soloists
We live in a world where millions of people will walk passed a concert hall and only a fraction will step inside. Interestingly, thousands will gather at Wrestlemania. Igudesman & Joo have finally found common ground between these two, seemingly opposite, spectator sports. Clementi had to contend with Mozart’s ingenuity, Beethoven blew Steinbelt out of Vienna, and Handel sparred Scarlatti in a joust of fingers (ending in a draw where Handel took the honour for organ mastery—the instrument, not his liver—and Scarlatti reigned harpsichord supreme). Now, Igudesman & Joo prepare themselves to go head-to-head and put an end to the bull - for good.

English title Historical and Hysterical Guide to the Orchestra
English title Clash of the Soloists



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Rossini's Guillaume Tell at the Chorégies d'Orange

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Celebrating the 150th edition of the Chorégies d'Orange festival, a rare video recording of Rossini's last opera Guillaume Tell on 12 July 2019 in 4K.

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“For the Love of Music in Georgia” to screen at EFM and Accentus is looking forward to meeting you at their booth at Avant Première!


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