Discover the remarkable Cinedans FEST ’22 + dancescreen award winners!

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The IMZ and Cinedans were proud to honour six outstanding productions amid thunderous applause in Amsterdam!

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The verdicts are in, and what a choice it was this year! Held from 22-26 June in partnership with Cinedans in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the 16th dancescreen competition fielded an astounding 650 submissions, with 40 making it to the finals. Six winners eventually emerged: 3 were chosen by an expert jury, and an additional 3 were elevated by the audience through a popular vote! You can check out the trailers of all six Cinedans FEST '22 + dancescreen laureates here!

And now, without further ado, the six winners of the Cinedans FEST + dancescreen awards 2022!

Jury Award Best Dance Short

UK I 2021
Director Oscar Sansom | Choreographers James Bonas & Sophie Laplane | Produced by Beth Allan & Tony Currie | Scottish Ballet

Jury: “A delightful layered film with beautiful camera work, excellent dance, in which the surprising music reinforces this dive into the dance and Yves Klein again.”

Jury Award Best Performance Relay & Camera Rework
Memory Loss Inside

NL I 2020
Director & Choreographer: Ann van den Broek

Jury: "Memory Loss Inside raises a much-needed conversation about dementia; the superb choreography, organically supported by excellent camera movements, editing and sound, maintains the tension until the very last frame."

Encouragement Award

NL I 2021
Director: Thomas Bos | Choreographer: Erik Bos | Producer: Sanne Cousijn

Jury: “STOMPEN crosses generational boundaries and is accompanied by a wonderful sense of humour that contributes to the audience's empathy with the characters and the subject.”

Audience Award Best Documentary
Why We Fight?

BE | 2021
Directors: Mirjam Devriendt & Alain Platel | Producer: Megalie Dierick

Audience Award Best Dance Short
Mother Melancholia

IS/DE | 2022
Director & Choreographer: Samantha Shay | Producer: Halla Tryggvadottir

Audience Award Best Live Performance Relay + Camera Rework
Hofesh Shechter’s POLITICAL MOTHER: The Final Cut

UK | 2021
Director & Choreographer: Hofesh Shechter | Producer: Hofesh Shechter Company

Once again, congratulations to the winners for their amazing films, and a warm thank you to all filmmakers who submitted! Also, a heartfelt acknowledgement to our partner Cinedans for making this year’s festival and competition such a great success! Should you be interested in the six winning films – or any of the 650 submissions this year – please contact Claudia Kruzik!



Daniel Barenboim and the WEDO in Ramallah

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In the midst of the Middle East conflict, the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra with Daniel Barenboim travels to Ramallah to make a statement.

This was Cinedans FEST '22 in partnership with dancescreen!

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