Discover the remarkable Cinedans FEST ’22 + dancescreen award winners!

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The IMZ and Cinedans were proud to honour six outstanding productions amid thunderous applause in Amsterdam!

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The verdicts are in, and what a choice it was this year! Held from 22-26 June in partnership with Cinedans in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the 16th dancescreen competition fielded an astounding 650 submissions, with 40 making it to the finals. Six winners eventually emerged: 3 were chosen by an expert jury, and an additional 3 were elevated by the audience through a popular vote! You can check out the trailers of all six Cinedans FEST '22 + dancescreen laureates here!

And now, without further ado, the six winners of the Cinedans FEST + dancescreen awards 2022!

Jury Award Best Dance Short

UK I 2021
Director Oscar Sansom | Choreographers James Bonas & Sophie Laplane | Produced by Beth Allan & Tony Currie | Scottish Ballet

Jury: “A delightful layered film with beautiful camera work, excellent dance, in which the surprising music reinforces this dive into the dance and Yves Klein again.”

Jury Award Best Performance Relay & Camera Rework
Memory Loss Inside

NL I 2020
Director & Choreographer: Ann van den Broek

Jury: "Memory Loss Inside raises a much-needed conversation about dementia; the superb choreography, organically supported by excellent camera movements, editing and sound, maintains the tension until the very last frame."

Encouragement Award

NL I 2021
Director: Thomas Bos | Choreographer: Erik Bos | Producer: Sanne Cousijn

Jury: “STOMPEN crosses generational boundaries and is accompanied by a wonderful sense of humour that contributes to the audience's empathy with the characters and the subject.”

Audience Award Best Documentary
Why We Fight?

BE | 2021
Directors: Mirjam Devriendt & Alain Platel | Producer: Megalie Dierick

Audience Award Best Dance Short
Mother Melancholia

IS/DE | 2022
Director & Choreographer: Samantha Shay | Producer: Halla Tryggvadottir

Audience Award Best Live Performance Relay + Camera Rework
Hofesh Shechter’s POLITICAL MOTHER: The Final Cut

UK | 2021
Director & Choreographer: Hofesh Shechter | Producer: Hofesh Shechter Company

Once again, congratulations to the winners for their amazing films, and a warm thank you to all filmmakers who submitted! Also, a heartfelt acknowledgement to our partner Cinedans for making this year’s festival and competition such a great success! Should you be interested in the six winning films – or any of the 650 submissions this year – please contact Claudia Kruzik!



Acclaimed Monteverdi with John Eliot Gardiner

Opus Arte

The last of Gardiner’s acclaimed Monteverdi Trilogy to be released by Opus Arte in 2022.

A.S. Mutter and NY Phil at Kraftwerk Peenemünde

C Major Entertainment

Anne-Sophie Mutter and the New York Philharmonic under chief conductor Jaap van Zweden give a concert for peace at the Peenemünde power plant.

Cante Jondo

Auditorium Films

This unique and visually splendid animated music documentary takes us into Granada in 1922, to witness the birth of the first Concurso de Cante Jondo.

Le Concert de Paris 2022

C Major Entertainment

It is now a well-established tradition: every year, on 14 July, the ONF welcomes the summer with a large musical gathering at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.


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