Dancing Beethoven

Author: Poorhouse International

Over nine months the filmmaker has followed the preparations for a new production of Béjart's Beethoven 9 by the Béjart Ballet Lausanne and the Tokyo Ballet.

  • Beethoven 9 by Maurice Béjart | Copyright: © Lopz-li Films

    Beethoven 9 by Maurice Béjart © Lopz-li Films

With the Beethoven Year in sight it is probably not a bad idea to re-release Arantxa Aguirre´s documentary „Dancing Beethoven“ and make the documentary available to television audiences through Poorhouse International after a successful theatrical career.

Over nine months the filmmaker, whose „Enrique Granados“ and „A Rose for Antonio Soler“ Poorhouse also distributes, has followed the preparations of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne and the Tokyo Ballett to have Béjarts masterpiece „Beethoven 9“ revived by Piotr Nardeli, an ex-Béjart dancer and associate, fifty years after its creation in Brussels to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Tokyo Ballet. Both companies mustered some 250 dancers and musicians to participate in the event. Actress Maya Roman, the daughter of Béjart Ballet´s artistic director, talks to dancers, ballet masters and critics to find out whether Beethoven's and Schiller's message has any meaning today in a world of wars and hatred.

Zubin Mehta, conducting the Israel Philharmonic for the event, situates the 9th symphony in the composer's output and is seen rehearsing his orchestra. Maya Roman provides a surprising ending to the documentary which does attract a younger audience to one of the greatest pieces of classical music through the medium of dance.

Duration 79 min.
Production Company Lopez-li Films
Director Arantxa Aguirre
Video format HD



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